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The One About Self Help | Episode 13

May 21, 2021

When to know that you need rest? I think we all know when that point is, that you just are burnt out, things are not working and you find yourself getting flustered over small things. 

Kaycee --- how I know I need rest & chill mode. 

  • Lack of sleep and having constant dreams about work 
  • In the episode of Gilmore Girls where she calls and leaves voicemails to herself about the stuff, she needs to do at the inn.  Well, this is where she does her brain dump. 
  • Frustrated 
  • Get sick 
  • Moody & snappy with family ( kids) 
  • Things stop working-- try and fix something then I find more and more things wrong or not working and that’s my wait a second step back moment. 

Take a break -- In the mornings I like to drink coffee alone before the kids wake up and I write down my to-do list & then I pull out my She reads Truth bible and read a couple of pages then I take 10-20 to mediate if I have the time. 

Notebooks & Bible can be found on Amazon 


When I get frustrated and grumpy… it‘s like it builds up and I can’t let my brain settle on weekends. I have tried to set boundaries but I can’t shut them off. I didn’t go into business to work 24/7.  Growing pains, but at what point do you say...NOT TODAY!!


I walk away from my computer.  Watch some Netflix, walk the dog. Go outside.  Most of my downtime is in the car at soccer practice. 

We order out for dinner if I am not feeling it. 


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