Our Creative Hustle Podcast

The One About Us | Episode 1

February 28, 2021

This is the very first episode of the “Our Creative Hustle Podcast” Introducing our hosts, Kaycee Lemongello of Kaycee Lemondrop, and Amy Ford from Bloom and Grow Media. They are Pinterest Marketing experts working with creative entrepreneurs.  


Amy and Kaycee are going to give a little background of how they got started in their business and what they love about being an online business owner. Also what they have planned for future episodes and little peek into their personalities. We are keeping it real and raw. We hope you will be inspired to start your own creative hustle. 



00:58  How we met

01:35  Kaycee’s Story

02:15  Kaycee hires biz coach Jennifer Allwood

02:50  Kaycee working with Laurie Jacobs (creative biz coach)

04:40  Amy’s Story

06:35  Amy started her VA business 

07:40  Amy joins Become a Pinterest VA Today

10:35  What we are going to talk about this season, hustle without the hustle

11:35  You can do this too, start your own business

13:04  In Episode 2 we will chat Etsy vs. Shopify



Jennifer Allwood - Biz Coach

Laurie Jacobs - Hardworking Mom

Become a Pinterest VA Today


If you have questions or want to join the conversation, email us at: 



Follow Amy:

IG - @bloomandgrowmedia

FB - bloomandgrowmedia

Email: amy@bloomandgrowmedia.com

Web: https://bloomandgrowmedia.com

Follow Kaycee:

IG - @kaycce_lemondrop

FB - KayceeLemonDrop

Email: theesociallemon@gmail.com

Web: https://kayceelemondrop.com/

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